Monday, November 16, 2009

Describe Your Favorite Food

My words: Gusto, epicure, sustenance, gastronomy

The prompt: Describe your favorite food

I came from a family of pigs. No, literally, I was raised by a family of fat, smelly, pink, pigs. Most everyone in my family eats what they get; they eat a lot. I, only eat the good stuff. i am an epicure, if you will. I am an artist of gastronomy.

The hog I called dad went away when I was just a piglet. The sow of a mother I had said he had some links to some heavenly place. It must have been one really nice place because no one has ever come back to that place. Boy, was my mom a ham! What gusto she had.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Writing Prompt #2

Here were the words: abrogate, conjoin, mandate, and volatile
And the prompt: The two groups of teens came together to...

decide how to stop them. Two groups came together to end injustice. Two groups of teens came together, united, each with unique powers. Two government officials abrogated the unity with force. Two government officials ordered that groups of three or more people with supernatural powers were not to conjoin, meet, or congregate in any way.

it was hard for me to take the fact that I was a little... different. Well, a lot different. But mostly, it was hardest for my mom. After the first... incident mom cried and shouted,"You... you sick, volatile wretch! How could you..." Well, yes, I blow things up by concentrating on them. The bigger or more powerful, the harder it is to blow up. For instance: a tea cup is easier to blow up than, say, a house or a human. the first victim: mom's freakishly annoying long haired chihuahua.