Thursday, October 1, 2009

If Only (revised)(cont,cont.)

After that we went on three more dates, all three at his apartment. We had to tell Jane we were going to some place really safe, just so she wouldn't freak out. I told him about my recent accident and how I never noticed how lonely I was until I found him. We had kissed many times on our dates but this kiss defeated them all. It started like this: Janey went to anothre friend's house (one that I didn't particularily like) leaving me with a butt -- load of emergency numbers. I got a call around ten 'o clock from Bryce. He asked to come pick me up and go to someplace very special. I said it was okay, my curiosity growing like a weed. It was perfect that tonight was the night Jane went to a friend's house.

He got to Jane's house about ten minutes later with a bouquet of dasies (my favorite flower).

"Ready to go?"he asked.

"I'm ready, all this suspense is killing me!"

We got in his car and in the back seat I saw a package wrapped quite nicely in pink, green, and blue tissue paper. Interesting... I thought.

The car stopped by a cute little house with white shutters and flowerboxes in the windows with dasies. The grass was so green, at least it looked like it under the moonlight. A stone pathway lead up to three small steps that connected to a front porch. Wouldn't it be nice to live there? I thought. We parked on the curb, then he got out and asked,

"Are you coming?"

"W...well, yeah... where are we go...?"

Bryce dangled a silver key directly between my eyes, almost making me go cross eyed. I was so happy I couldn't even bring myself to raise my hand to take the key. We walked up to the house hand in hand, opened the door and collapsed on the couch.

"Stay here, I'll be right back." Bryce said.

He brought back a package with pink, green, and blue tissue paper wrapping. I opened the package with excitement. It was a metal wire sculpture of the Eiffel Tower.

He said, "I made it myself. I... knew... you..."

I didn't notice how close we were until I felt his nose touch mine. We looked in each other's eyes and we both knew what was going to happen. Then it happened. Emotoins erupted like fireworks. It felt almost like a dream. The best dream I had ever had; swallowed up in passion and love, the best sort of obsession, a great power amidst an ocean of peace. His lips against mine felt like rose petals. I loved him so much. I never wanted this to end.

Then I felt dizzy, a nauseous sort of dizzy. I cried at the thought of this perfect moment ending. Perfect doesn't exist, not in this world. I sat down slowly and tried just breathing deep, I couldn't even concentrate on that. Something was really wrong. Any little thought at all just sent a pain to my head, like a raging bullet. I couldn't find the stregnth to even sit up; it was like my body forgot how to run itself. I heard the saddest sound you could ever hear, the sound of someone you love so, so much in tears,

"Evalyn... Evalyn?" he said over and over.

I managed to slip the words,"It's okay."

Then darkness overcame me.

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