Thursday, October 1, 2009

If Only (revised)(cont, cont, cont.)

I woke up early in the morning in the hospital again to Bryce's soft hands caressing mine in his. I rolled onto my side to see him better. For a moment I forgot what he looked like. It was so relieving to see his face again, but not like this. His eyes were red and puffy and his cheeks were still wet from silent tears. I had seen a lot of sad things in this world, but nothing could be compared to this. A heavy tear trickled slowly down my cheek and fell onto his face.

"It's okay." I said stroking his brown curly hair, like I always imagined doing to my children after falling off their bike or being stung by a bee. "It's okay..."

When Bryce woke up I saw in his eyes, so full of emotion, love, fear, sadness, hope. Then the doctor came in. His eyes weren't quite as reassuring. He looked like he had just been woken up from a really good dream. And it must have been one heck of a good dream.

"I have news," he said slowly.

We both stared at him, with sore eyes.

"Well, you have little more than a day to live. You are free to leave the hospital but, there's nothing more we can do. I'm sorry..."

The rest of his words were lost to me. The terrible lingering stench of that thought took over my brain like a parasite. What will happen to Bryce when I go? he didn't move at all, in shock , in pensive distress as I clung to his arm, weeping.

A few hours later we had made it through the worst of our tears. We left the hospital as soon as we could and went to our new house. I explained to Jane what happened in the best way possible: the truth. She handled it pretty well, for the most part, I think. And I explained that I moved in with Bryce in a nice house; she simply heaved a sad sigh and said,"Okay."

We only made it an hour into the night in our new house together until Bryce got up out of bed, came to my side of the bed, kneeled, and asked,

"Evalyn, I wanted to ask you this ever since I met you, Evalyn, will you marry me? I... I don't have a ring or anything but I just... Evalyn, marry me! I... I'm so sorry... I..."

He couldn't say anything more because at that moment I started kissing him. I cradled his face in my hands and said,

"Yes. Yes Bryce, I will! I love you so much!"


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