Sunday, October 11, 2009

English 9 journal entries

I know the title sounds really boring so I'll try to make the content a bit more exciting. So, here goes it... for my english class my teacher (Mrs. Pierce) and the student teacher (Ms. Flynn) are having us (the class) write two paragraphs (not too hard) including: correct punctuation etc., four vocabulary words (with definition and parts of speech), and we have to follow a prompt.

Here's what I wrote the first week (don't worry I'll get the others in sometime soon... I hope)

Here's the words: Cacophony, Raucous, Antiphon, and Resonating

And here's the prompt: The concert was so awesome . . .

if you enjoy watching an entire auditorium's capture by German Nazis. It started with a cacophony of raucous German voices causing noise and panic. Still the symohiny played on, their glorious antiphon resonating in peacefulness. A piercing scream shattered the air as a young, helpless oboeist was snatched from his seat and beaten unjustly.

What justifies the fact that you should/ can hurt a person in any way merely because their hair is brown, or maybe their skin is darker or lighter, or they dress in awkward clothes, or they maybe talk funny? What would the world be like if Herr Adolf Hitler were a blind man? What yould it be like to see through the eyes of one without vision.

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