Wednesday, September 2, 2009

If Only (revised)(cont.)

The rest of the day after I hung up was just as unthinkably boring as my room. I had trouble going to sleep that night, too. I kept having dreams of me dying with a certain longing I couldn't yet explain.

The next morning finally came. I couldn't stand to eat breakfast. First of all , because it looked and smelled like canned cat food and the thought of finally being freed from my indescribably annoying nurse was swimming in my water-filled head.

When Jane finally arrived at the hospital it was nearly ten-thirty, an hour late. Do you know how long an hour is when you've been in a hospital bed for two nights? She claimed she tried to bring Ivan, but the nurses said it'd be a health issue to most patients to have an allergen and pet dander infested animal in a hospital. So, she had to take Ivan all the way back home (10 miles) then come all the way back here. It was a very time consuming thing.

On the way home Jane suggested that I start moving in with her for a while, at least until my head healed. We had recently talked quite seriously about sharing a house and selling my apartment, this would be a perfect time to start moving in. I had to agree that it was potientally hazardous to live in my tiny, cramped excuse for a home. So, we swung by my apartment so I could quickly pack the essentials: clothes, toothbrush, piano music, etc.

A few hours after we got to Jane's house and unpacked my things and had a pb&j sandwich Jane asked,"Where do you want to go for dinner?" as she helped me shove the last of my clothes in a dresser in her spare room.

"I don't know, you choose." I didn't care what I ate as long as it wasn't hospital food.

jane spotted my bucket list and, I'm guessing the first thing she saw was 'tango in Argentina'. "How about Argentinean?"

The food was good; it was a lot like Mexican food. And dinner was pretty fun until Jane randomly asked a random guy (not only random but so freakin' adorable, no, not adorable, that sounds too much like a teddy bear, sexy is too much like a promiscuous high schooler... cute, I think would be the appropriale word here) if he wanted to dance with me. She said it would be good for me. I never forgot how we spun around on the dance floor, passion exploded underneath each step, each move was a flurry of emotion. his dark wavy hair caught the light of a flickering candle and his deep blue eyes turned into flames, warm, comforting flames.

I didn't even notice I was staring into his eyes until the manager told us the resturant was closing in ten minutes. I didn't want to leave. My partner didn't want to leave either.

"Wait, when can I see you again? My name is Bryce." He sounded so shy.

"I'm Evalyn."

"Evalyn..." he seemed to taste my name. "How about tomorrow at two, on the bridge in the park."

"Okay." I was so excited, I knew that the moment I got to my room I would pick out my outfit ahead of time because I knew I would change it at least until I went through all my clothes twice. And that's what I did.

I expected my first date to be nerve wracking and scary, but it seemed as natural to me as breathing. It was just as calming to me as the river underneath our feet. It felt like this was the way it should be. Now I knew the longing I felt the longing I felt in my dream. I longed to be with Bryce and I had only known him seven hours, not that I was counting, of course.

"So..." Bryce started,"What sort of things do you like?"

"Well... I like a lot of things... i like to sing and play the piano. my favorite colors are green, pink, and blue. I like Shakespeare, dramatic, sappy love stories, popcorn, Paris, movies, and you."

"Just like?"

Well, maybe a bit more." We both laughed. The sound of his laugh made me smile. It was just as exciting as the sound of Santa's laugh, except not as jolly. I was unimaginably happy around him, and I had only known him one day. It was like I had known him my whole life. It was like Time had been waiting for us to meet. When I got back to Jane's house i was glad to get rid of one more thing on my list. Two more things left, I thought.

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